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Alkaline Water and Nutrition

Alkaline Water for Mineral Nutrition

Calcium and Magnesium: Essential dietary minerals calcium and magnesium are 30% easier for your body to absorb from water than they are from food. Because of this, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends getting 10 - 20% of your daily needs of calcium and magnesium by drinking water. Alkaline water gets its alkalinity primarily from the calcium and magnesium hydroxides in it.  World Health Organization

Alkaline water and digestion

Gradual Relief: Alkaline water for digestive health has been studied mostly in Japan and Korea. Clinical trials of alkaline water in Japan for digestive upset revealed that 88% of people with chronic digestive upset found partial or full relief of their symptoms.
Limitation: Researchers noted that relief from symptoms happened gradually, and the best results were in cases of minor digestive upset..

Alkaline water for bone health

Link to bone health: Research conducted mostly in Sweden and the United States indicates that there is a link between drinking alkaline water and bone health.  Studies show two surprising findings:

  • You get more beneficial calcium in your diet by drinking water  - even if you get enough calcium in your diet.
  • People who normally have a hard time absorbing minerals from their diet absorb minerals from water easily.

Alkaline water and blood pressure  

Better nutrition: Mineral deficiencies in the body are considered to be a factor in high blood pressure and heart problems. Large studies have shown that helpful amounts of minerals can be gotten simply by drinking water.

Alkaline water (as revealed in the study discussed above) is the best way to get calcium. Alkaline water also contains magnesium, which is also associated with better heart health. The minerals in alkaline water are recognized for their contribution to human nutrition

Alkaline water and hydration

pH is the key: Research has shown that the primary way that water passes into and out of cells is through tiny channels in the cell wall called aquaporins. Aquaporins are amazing because they can move a billion water molecules per second into and out of cells! The aquaporin channels are so tiny, that the billion water molecules have to pass through in single file! 

Alkaline water research is ongoing

The studies referenced in this article represent the strongest proof yet of the benefits of alkaline water. The health benefits of the mineral hydroxides in alkaline water are well documented. There is plenty of research that demonstrates that alkaline water does contribute to body nutrition. It is also well-documented that alkaline water tastes better than plain water.  You end up drinking more water simply because it tastes better.

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