GMO Action Alert

Monsanto and the biotechnology industry have a goal. They want to dominate the worlds’ food supply – for their profit. Regardless of the cost to your health, the environment, family farmers, or the future of biodiversity on our planet. 

And as the new administration takes shape in the US, it seems pretty clear that we can’t count on our government to protect us any time soon. For example, Trump has tapped Congressman Mike Pompeo to be the head of the CIA.

Pompeo was Monsanto’s man on the Hill. He authored what became known as the DARK (Deny Americans’ Right to Know) act, which made it illegal for states to require labeling of GMOs.

But we can’t let that stop us.

What can you expect, and what can you do to secure safe and healthy food for yourself and for future generations?

Find out here.

Recently, I sat down with Food Revolution Summit speaker and Institute for Responsible Technology founder Jeffrey Smith to ask his take on where we are with GMOs at this moment in history. In response, he offered something we can all use a little more of: Grounded hope!

So I asked him to write his take on where we’re at, and what we can do – so I could share it with you.

Here’s his stunning and inspiring call to action.