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Genetically Modified Organisms in Our Horse Feed:

One of the greatest things impacting the future of the Thoroughbred breeding and racing performance industry is the FDA's approval of alfalfa and bluegrass hay as a GMO (Bio-genetically engineered) crop. The crops of soy, corn (whether in oil or grain form) and sugar beets (used in sweet feed mixes) have been GMO crops since 1996 when they were introduced into the American food chain. The genetically engineered crops amount to a large portion of the daily food intake of our Thoroughbreds and are negatively affecting the health of present and future generations. According to a recent Russian clinical study, the third generation, fed predominant GMO diets, are completely sterile and are suffering, along the way, with lowered immune function, allergies, foal deaths, birth defects (if survived), stomach torsions, cancer and ultimately death. The DNA is altered by the herbicide glyphosphate. Other studies have confirmed the health risks for animals. Dr. Mae-Won Ho and senior scientists in America have directly linked more than 40 diseases to glyphosphate. The interruptions of bodily enzyme functions is one of the effects. Since glyphosphate is so widely used, it is tested and found in rainwater and air in the atmosphere and fertilizer runoff. As far as the pharmaceutical abuse in racing, unfortunately the cake has already baked its DNA prior to the horse stepping onto the racetrack and the pharmaceuticals add icing to the cake. Together--glyphosphate and pharmacology--the combination is wildly destructive, if not ultimately fatal, and bears scrutiny in the sudden deaths of racehorses. Our beloved Thoroughbreds, who literally lay their lives on the line every time they run their hearts out for us, are not deserving of the suffering being dealt to them, nor are they able to perform under these circumstances of complete destruction of their health, well-being and productivity. The Thoroughbreds are the stars and core of our industry. This is criminal that they are subjected to this, and the use of these toxic GMOs for corporate biotech profit with no regard for our planet's beings, be they horse or human. Read the Eco Watch article from the link entitled US State Department Exposed for Pushing Biotech Seed Industry's Global Agenda and the connected links. Pamm Larry, a major campaigner for the mandatory labeling of GMOs in our food chain and the instigator for Proposition 37 in California, has informed us as to our right to know. Find more on Calif Right To Know. Also on the subject, see the documentary and book "A Genetic Roulette".

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http://NoGMO.FarTooMuch.Info/GMOHealthDisease.htm   Casa de Luz Talk   points to GMO meetings and events. - Gives the connection between human diseases and glyphosate.  This 1 hour video has a lot of new and detailed information on how GMOs make you sick. - is the Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of our Lives [Full 90 minute version] - is the War on Health - Gary Null's documentary exposing the FDA