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I have repeatedly said that "your horse is what he eats, drinks and ingests".  Frankly, when most of the above ingredients are full of toxins and undesirable chemicals, our four legged friends need a clean retreat to go heal and recoup from the exhaustive heavy training and toxic diets!!!

Several recent events have impacted not only the health of the thoroughbred breed, but all breeds; with alfalfa hay being made a biogenetically engineered crop. The alfalfa is a recent addition to the 1996 GMO crops of soy, corn (and it's derivatives), and sugar beets used in sweet feed.

Recent Russian studies designate huge DNA changes for people and animals on diets containing GMO tainted foods.  Allergies, lowered immune systems, cancer, and sterility were cited given that the equine diets have already consisted of much of the above since 1996 and the Russian study also cited complete sterility by the third generation of consumption; we now need to re-assess the importance of a cleaner feed and drinking water.

Equine Holistic ConsultantJoanne Nor is dedicated to spreading this education. Toxins that accumulate in the body can slow down kidney and liver function and throw off the health and performance of species. The less toxins that are consumed and ingested, the healthier more consistent and better performer animals and humans can be and are. Information, references and products to further this may be found on this site or through consultation.

Let's give our horses clean building blocks to heal themselves. If you give them what they need, they will give you what you want and are looking for in a competitive athlete.

Desirous of providing improved whole health alternatives for discriminating horse people and their horses and servicing the needs through holistic health care.

Joanne H. Nor, Vita-Trac

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